Road Races

Chip Timing, Splits, Display Boards, Live Results

Chip Timing

For any event whether it be open water swimming, paddle board racing, cycling, road races, or even a stair climb we utilize the top of the line UHF and DF RFID systems on the market, these systems integrate directly with our photo-finish system for quick results verification. RFID technology can also be used to provide split data at points around the course.


With our large inventory of timing equipment we are able to provide split points for any event at any desired location of their choosing. With our custom live results and scoring software we are able to provide real time team scoring and individual split times directly to our mobile app. Our split points allow spectators to see how many spots each athlete has moved up or down from the last split point. Each split point includes a timing mat and clock. LED display boards are an option at each split location to show individual results and team scores.

Live Results

Using our proprietary scoring platform Finished Results is able to provide real time results through the use of any mobile device. We are able to instantly send the running time, individual results, and team scores to the Finished Results Live app. With the use of split points we are able to include all splits for each runner and integrate finish photos to each athlete (post-event).

Registration Platform

Registration is always a east to tackle for most event directors, this s why Finished results is partnered with Run Sign Up to provide the most comprehensive registration platform for your events marketing, financial, and promotional needs. With Run Sign Up we are able to set each event up with coupons, discounts, referral tracking, and social media integration all helping increase the participation of your event. With the easy to use platform individuals can register and run even after the race has began. With both online and offline check in modes 1000’s of runners can be processed and checked-in dynamically allowing smaller lines, and more time to enjoy your event.

Display Boards

We can provide on site display boards with results, splits, or even advertisement information allowing the crowd to get real-time information updates and information

Display Clocks

Finished Results has different types of displays clocks that can show running time, event name, and event logos. Display clocks are placed at the finish and can be placed at split points around the course to allow athletes to see the running time of the current race.

Jumbotron Display

We have a large 16' x 10' jumbotron display that can be used to show:
• Results
• Team Scores
• Split Point Results and Team Scores
• Live Video